REV VAC 7777, Inc. is a vertically-integrated environmental services company providing a wide array of services to Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Energy Utility, Construction, and Industrial companies throughout California.

We have a fleet of vacuum trucks, guzzlers, hydro excavators, service trucks, pressure washers, and water trucks - all staffed with certified, experienced operators.

We provide Environmental Remediation and Emergency Spill Response services throughout California.


Hydro excavation can transform a potentially unsafe extraction into a safe one. Hydrovac excavation uses high-pressure water to break down the earth and an industrial vacuum to remove soil for disposal. Ideal for:

  • Line location/identification
  • Pipeline excavation
  • Trenching
  • Cleaning cellars
  • Utility excavation & post-hole drilling
  • Underwater dirt/debris removal
  • Pot holing
  • Day lighting
Hydro Excavation Bakersfield


This is where it all started. When in 1999, Robin launched the company as owner-operator of their first vacuum truck serving the Bakersfield oil industry.

We have several vacuum trucks with skilled operators available for:

  • Well Stimulation Services
  • Tank Removal
  • Roper pump maintenance
  • Drilling Rig Support
  • Removal and disposal of Hazardous Material
  • Removal and Delivery of Chemicals, Oil and Water
  • Batch treatments for enhanced oil recovery and corrosion control
Vacuum Truck Services Bakersfield


Unobstructed pipes and lines are a key component to reaching maximum production capacity. Our goal is to help you reach your production targets.

REV VAC 7777, Inc. has the expertise and skilled workforce to handle any situation from emergency blockages to regularly scheduled pipe and line maintenance.

  • High-pressure water and chemical flushing to resolve oil well freeze.
  • Pipeline inspection services to identify potential risks.
    Oil spill cleanup
  • X-ray and inspection preparation
  • Prep for Barton flow recorder and pressure testing
  • Prep for welding and cutting

Ask us about setting up a routine maintenance schedule for your operation.

Pipe and Line Cleaning Bakersfield



Line Flushing

Lancing & Jetting Plugged Lines

Clean Cellars

Water Truck Services

Kill Wells